Our images are resized

If the URL shows that the image is hosted in or, it has been resized. You may use Flockler's thumbnail generator to resize the image to suit your needs.

Resizing images for your own needs

For example this image-url requests a 120px width image:

  • Format is [filename]_s[width]x[height](_noupscale).[file extension].
  • Noupscale in the end means that it won't be resized above its original size.

If you declare both, width and height, the image will be cropped:

Full-size images

To get a full-size image, replace /thumbs/ with /files/ in the image-url and remove the _s120x0_noupscale part.

Full-size of our example image:

Example script to set parameters to the image-url

You might want to use a helper method like this to make it easier to play with our image-urls:

function resetResizeEngineParameters(url, width, height) {
  var THUMB_PARAMS_REGEX = new RegExp("(_(s|c|l|m)\\d+x\\d+)+", "i");
  var QUALITY_PARAMS_REGEX = new RegExp("_q\d+", "i");
  var UPSCALE_PARAMS_REGEX = new RegExp("_noupscale", "i");
  url = url.replace(THUMB_PARAMS_REGEX, "_s" + width + "x" + height)
    .replace(QUALITY_PARAMS_REGEX, "")
    .replace(UPSCALE_PARAMS_REGEX, "");
  return url;

var image_url = "";
var resized_image_url = resetResizeEngineParameters(image_url, 120, 0);
// ""