Get information about a site. Also lists all the available language versions for the site.

Query parameters

fields Return only requested fields in the response (ex. ?fields=id,name)
  "meta": {
    "articles": "",
    "sections": "",
    "language_versions": {
      "en": "",
      "fi": ""
  "site": {
    "description": "Some of the best examples of content and social media marketing come from brands that have created content on a shoestring. We here at Content Wizard will help you do exactly that.",
    "full_url": "",
    "id": 609,
    "locale": "en",
    "name": "API demo",
    "name_in_menus": "",
    "title_text": ""
Field Data type Description values
description string Short description about the site
full_url string Full URL of this site
id integer Site id
locale string Localization in use on this site en, sv, fi, ru, sr, sv-SE, en-GB
name string Name of the site, visible in <title> etc.
name_in_menus string Text for links to the front page