Magento 2 plugin

Please Note

Installation and getting started

  1. Check that you meet the technical requirements
  2. Download the extension from Magento Marketplace:
  3. Install the extension
    1. By unpacking the extension archive to your Magento installation folder (e.g. /var/www/html) (WARNING! Make sure not to remove any existing directories or files!)
    2. Or, with the Component Manager
    3. Or, with Modman
  4. On Magento: From the main menu click 'Content' and 'Flockler - Webhooks'. Click 'Add New Webhook' and type in a name that describes the content.
  5. Open Flockler in a new window/tab:
  6. On Flockler:
    1. Click 'Settings' on the menu, then 'Webhooks' tab, and click 'Create new webhook'.
    2. Go back to Magento and copy&paste the webhook URL from Magento to the URL field in Flockler.
    3. Click 'Create webhook' button
    4. Copy the Secret
  7. On Magento: Copy&Paste the Secret from Flockler to the 'Secret' field on Magento and click 'Save Webhook'.
  8. On Flockler: Click 'Okay'. Select if you'd like to publish only the content collated on Flockler in the future or publish all the content already collated on Flockler (and all future content) to your Magento store.
  9. On Magento: You'll see your content when you go to 'Flockler' on Magento admin and select 'Posts' (screenshot)

Add as a widget to a static page

The easiest way to add Flockler Social Wall to your store is to add it as widget to any of your "static pages" (screenshot).

  1. Go to edit the static page in Magento: click “Content” on the main menu, select “Pages”, Clic “Select” dropdown on the page and click “Edit”
  2. Open the page's “Content” section
  3. Choose a good place for your Flockler Social Wall
  4. Click “Insert widget” on the content editor’s toolbar
  5. Select "Flockler Wall" and type in Site ID, Section ID or Tags if you want to filter posts by those parameters.
  6. Change the layout parameters if necessary (Items per page, Item width and Show Load More)
  7. Finalize widget by clicking "Insert Widget"
  8. Save the page with "Save Page" button
  9. Check that the page is viewing correctly
Layout parameters

The following optional parameters are supported:

Please note that with the social wall, you’ll need an area of at least 1050px to show three posts side-by-side and 700px to show at least two.

Technical requirements

Known issues