Shopify plugin

Flockler Shopify plugin allows embedding Flockler social wall in your Shopify online store. It uses the embed code but allows for overriding some of the options per product or collection.


  1. Head over to and follow the instructions.
  2. Follow the installation procedure and set your Flockler site ID.
  3. Insert the wall snippet in your theme files where you want the social wall to appear:
    {% include 'flockler-wall' %}
  4. Choose what content gets displayed for which products and collections: Overriding options

Wall options

Overriding options

Some of the wall options can be overridden for specific products or collections. When the wall is displayed on a page where either product or collection Liquid variable is set that resource's options will override the ones specified when including the wall snippet. Currently it is possible to override site, section and tags options.


  1. Go to your products listing
  2. Select one or more products
  3. Select "Manage social content" from the action dropdown
  4. Set the values you want and hit "Save"!


  1. Go to collection's settings
  2. Click "More actions" from the top of the page
  3. Select "Manage social content" from the action dropdown
  4. Set the values you want and hit "Save"!

If you wish to remove these product or collection specific settings set them to 0 for site and section IDs or empty for the tags.

Advanced options

Since the plugin uses the standard embed code it accepts all the same options. More information about the available options can be found in the embed documentation.

These advanced options should be passed as a JSON string in the flockler_wall_options variable. For example:

{% include 'flockler-wall', flockler_wall_options: '{"site": 1239, "section": 14550, "count": 20}' %}

The options passed in the flockler_wall_options variable are used if nothing else has been set for the current product or collection. (See Overriding options for details.) Some of the available options are described below:

  "site": 1239,             // REQUIRED. Flockler site ID
  "section": 14550,         // Optional. Flockler section ID
  "count": 10,              // Optional. How many items are shown "per page". (Default 10)
  "tags": ["car", "race"]   // Optional. Only show posts with these tags.

Uninstalling theme files